Djokanovic: If there is no Mass Vaccination, it is clear what awaits us in 2022

Data from April last year indicate how many people were infected, and today we have over 2.000 cases. If there is no mass vaccination, it is clear what will happen in April 2022, said dr. Dragan Djokanovic, warning of the consequences of the inaction of the local authorities when it comes to the coronavirus epidemic.

Recalling the chronology of the epidemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), from the first few cases from March and April last year to the summer touristic season, when the number of infected increased for the first time, Djokanovic stressed that the authorities did not react in the right way back then.

“During that time, the state did practically nothing. At the very beginning, when we did not have infected people, we had to have enough tests, ” he said, emphasizing that it was not the case.

Djokanovic reminded that the New York Times wrote at the time that the epidemic if it reached the Balkans, would kill its population.

“Knowing the mentality of these people, since I know them quite well, I think they wanted to connect it to the seasonal flu. So, they do not have to allocate additional funds, they will cover it with that, ” told Djokanovic, giving his opinion on why the authorities did not react in the right way.

While describing the further development of the epidemic, Djokanovic said that in July and August, the number of people infected with coronavirus increased, while in September there was a slight decline, but not for long, because an election campaign was held in October, and we paid for that fault in November and December.

“It was known that this would happen, but regardless of that, they start the election campaign, they did not ask their supporters to wear masks. These were practically bouquets of people in a small area, ” stated Djokanovic and assessed that the largest parties were also the main ones responsible for the spread of the infection.

The second half of December, just before the Christmas holidays, led to a new wave of infection. A special issue, as he believed, was the winter season and the ski resorts on Jahorina and Bjelasnica.

“Only two roads were leading to those ski resorts. It was very easy to put a ramp and say if people give a negative PCR test, they can go skiing. In this way our people went to the sea from here, they had to have a negative test result. No, it didn’t occur to them. The ramps were used for other things, and people who had positive test results came to them for skiing, ” said the interlocutor, reminding that at that time he warned that it was a Covid bomb of 2021.

“Initially, they did not buy enough tests to separate the infected people from those uninfected. If they started systematic work at that time, then it would all be done continuously, smartly, and according to medical postulates. So, you need to get a certain number of tests, separate the infected from the uninfected, monitor their health condition, prepare hospital capacities for the most severe cases, and keep track of the situation on the world medical scene, including what is happening with vaccines, ” he said.

Djokanovic reminded that the authorities should have paid the funds and ordered the vaccines by the end of June last year, as is the practice with other vaccines.

It is not a constructional material that is in stock so you come and buy a certain number of pieces. This is a very delicate material that has to be ordered, as he noted.

“We know very well what kind of people they are, how unsystematic and superficial they are. It is better not to use the word that suits them best – considering how rude they are to this nation.”

They allowed the spread of the epidemic on the ski resorts and now, in order to cover it, they are looking for an alibi by destroying small businessmen and caterers, concluded dr. Dragan Djokanovic, BHRT writes.


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