Divic and Kula-Grad: Fortress that is overlooking Zvornik

April 3, 2018 10:00 AM

Zvornik represents one of the gates of BiH. This town is located on the eastern border of BiH and Serbia, around 74 kilometers south of confluence of Drina River to Sava. There is a fortress overlooking Zvornik, which was built and renovated for centuries.

There is a beautiful view from the fortress on the town and Drina River. The fortress is known as Kula-Grad. It was one of the largest and the best preserved medieval fortresses in BiH. It is believed that Roman city of Ad Drinum was located at the same place. Today, in the ruins that cover the surface of 49,000 square meters, it is possible to recognize the Upper, Middle and Lower Town.

The first tower was built within the architectural ensemble of the old town of Zvornik and the Great Tower is located in the middle part of the fortress. At first, it was a typical medieval complex with a tower. The 60 meters long part of the land, where the tower was built, was surrounded by inaccessible steeps from all sides except the north. The backyard of the tower is surrounded by large and up to two meters thick fort walls.

Everyone who visit Zvornik should also visit Divic. You can see Divic from Kula Grad, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in the entire BiH.

It is only a few kilometers away from the center of Zvornik, and when you look from the fortress of Kula-Grad, or some other hill, this village looks like a small peninsula. This “peninsula” is located on Zvornik Lake, the first artificial accumulation on the Drina River.

During the winter period, it is quiet and peaceful in Divic, but there is still life, although the local population is eagerly waiting for the hot summer days when their beloved ones will come from abroad. During the winter, about 250 residents live in this village, while their number is much higher in the summer.

On the bank of the Drina River, in Divic, there is a small cafe where you can taste very good coffee, and peacefully look at the Drina River and boats. According to the popular saying it is believed that “every resident of Divic has a boat; if he has no boat, he is not from Divic”. The locals say that children in Divic learn to swim first, and then to walk.

“I would not be able to live anywhere else, this is mine, the most beautiful place. My home is here. It is not easy, we have to fight, but we are a hardworking nation. This coast of the Drina River is Bosnia, and that is what we need to preserve. Bosnia is not just Sarajevo, or some other places. For me, Divic is in the first place, and then Sarajevo. It should be like that for everyone. The place where they live should be in the first place, and then Sarajevo as our capital and the most beautiful city in our country,” said one of the residents of Divic who owns a company.

A stadium and a place for beach volleyball are located right next to the lake, and there is also a smaller playground for children.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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