Divers from BiH ready to take part in the Rescue of captured Boys in Thailand

The European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA) called all of its members, including the Alliance of Rescue Services in BiH, on eventual participation in a rescue operation in Thailand, where 13 young boys are captured in a cave.

The cave diving team of the Alliance of Rescue Services in BiH is ready to take part and give their contribution because they have qualified people who are more than willing to help.

“There is still no confirmation of official engagement. The situation is in the process of preparation due to the inter-state relations. They sent an invitation for us to show the available forces, autonomy and logistics to help Thailand. The state also needs to support this, because this is too much for one non-government organization”.

They noted that intensive correspondence with ECRA’s office is taking place for a few days and they are exchanging information related to the rescue of boys. The participation of European cave rescue teams has not been confirmed yet.

Cave diving and rescue teams of GSSuBiH, ISS Mostar and SD Herceg Mostar are available and ready to respond to the challenge.

(Source: klix.ba)



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