Dita Tuzla operates positively and goes on sale in early 2017?

Dita First Salary bnn.baCompany Dita Tuzla was almost shut down, and the workers were almost lefton the street. Today the company is the example of how the failing company can rise from the ashes when BH citizens decide to buy domestic products.

Head of the Economic and Financial Sector of Dita, Almir Bajric, said that the company now operates positively, they employ 75 workers and the company will go on sale next year.

“Complete facilities are put into operation and the production was started in all segments, both liquid and powder detergents. Dita employs about 75 workers who gave full contribution to the recovery of the company, guided by the experience of the Trustee,” said Bajric.

He added that the sale of Dita’s products is in continuity, which allowed this company in bankruptcy with this number of workers to cover all the costs and work positively.

“We achieved some export in accordance with the possibilities of doing business in bankruptcy, which is extremely rigorous in terms of financing of working resources,” said Bajric.

For this company is very important that problem of the sale of chemical products in the territory of RS is resolved. Bajric said that, through the competent authority, they are trying to definitively resolve the problem.

“Dita managed to align production system with international standards ISSO 9001: 2008, and after the main audit by a reputable certification company from Germany TUF Nord, received a certificate. It should be noted that the production system in Dita also meets all standards related to the protection of environment, and has a water and environmental permit issued by the relevant ministries,” said Bajric.


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