Discussions on the amendments to the Election Law Today

electionsA session of the Interdepartmental working group, which will discuss the amendments to the Election Law, is scheduled for today in Sarajevo.

“This session should be the first one with a quorum, because until now there were two terms but without the required quorum for work and decision-making,” said the member of the inter-agency working group Halid Genjac.

Moreover, he pointed out that they should have a quorum and should formalize the agreement questions relating to the methods and priorities of work.

“As was the case in the earlier inter departmental groups, we will go from chapter to chapter of the BiH Election Law and attempt to resolve issues that need to be addressed” added Genjac, and expressed confidence.

“We will need to work fairly quickly and in more frequent sessions, because there is a great number of amendments in question”, concludes Genjac.

(Source: klix)

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