Disciplinary Proceeding launched against the President of the High Judicial Council

The Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor has launched a disciplinary proceeding against the President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Milan Tegeltija.

The statement reads that the filing has been launched in connection to the footage of Tegeltija’s meeting with Nermin Alešević and corruption allegations on which the media reported these days.

At the same time, Tegeltija said in a statement released by the HJPC that his temporary removal from office has been requested “in a message via mobile phone from the deputy chief disciplinary prosecutor”.

“I am not aware of the content of the charges, its reasons or the grounds for its filing because it has not been delivered to me,” Tegeltija said in a statement, adding that he was not familiar with the reasons for proposing a temporary removal from office.

In the proceeding that preceded the filing of the charges, I did not have the opportunity to participate as a party in the proceeding, nor was I given a chance to issue a statement on the allegations against me or the suspension request,” Tegeltija said.

He said in a statement to the media that he is now taking a vacation, during which the HJPC will be run by two vice-presidents, Federal News Agency reports.

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