After a Disaster: Emin Bosnjak and his Family will celebrate Holidays in a warm Home

Emin Bosnjak from Zenica and his family lost everything last year when a fire destroyed their house in the settlement of First Zenica Brigade. He spent the last year’s New Year’s Eve worrying where will he go with his family, but after the help of a good people, Bosnjak family will celebrate this year’s holiday in a warm apartment and with a roof over their heads.

Bosnjak could only watch how years of investment and efforts and their home turned into flames on December 9, 2016, and disappeared in front of them due to poor installations in the apartment.

Bosnjak noted that it was not easy at all to find a safe roof over their heads but everything was easier with the help of good people.

“First, we got 1.000 BAM from the municipality, and after the humanitarian action, and thanks to the betting shop “Premier”, Klix.ba portal and other donations, we managed to gather 45.000 BAM. We talked with the representatives of the company “Almy, Arel and Grading” about the possibility to buy this apartment with the money we have and asking them to wait for the rest, on which they agreed,” said Bosnjak.

The apartment in which they are living now is not paid off.  They need another 22, 000 BAM to get the full ownership over the apartment, and they are hoping to get certain funds from the relevant ministry for issues of war veterans, since Bosnjak spent the entire war as a soldier and he is considered to be a disabled war veteran.

At the end, he thanked to all the good people who gave their contribution in the amount of 9.717 BAM at the humanitarian party, the betting shop “Premier” that provided financial assistance to his wife as their employee, as well as to all the other people who gave their contributions and helped him ensure normal life for his family.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)


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