Director of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina suspended Five Police Officers


Director of the Border Police (BP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zoran Galic on Thursday issued a decision temporarily suspending five police officers from the BPBiH, members of the Border Police Unit Brod A. M., Č. S., P. B., I. D., and G. I., because of bribery.

Suspended police officers are charged with having committed more corrupt acts at Brod International Border Crossing on the night of March 5th to March 6th this year, from 7 to 6 pm, when he received a gift, that is, money in an undetermined amount for the purpose of obtaining illegal property gain, the BiH Border Police said.

“There is a suspicion that the suspected police officers committed a grave breach of official duty, that is, by abusing their official position, that they damaged the reputation of the police authority. There is also a suspicion that these officers committed the crime of ‘receiving gifts and other forms of benefits’, was documented by the Central Investigation Bureau of the BPBiH, under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and in accordance with an order of the Court of BiH, “the police agency said.

The suspension of the said police officers will last until the completion of disciplinary or criminal proceedings, the statement said.



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