Director of EUROSTAT Today in Sarajevo on the Population Census

EUROSTATDirector at EUROSTAT, in the Office for Statistics of the European Commission and the Chairman of the Steering Group of the International Monitoring Organization (IMO) for the population and household census in B&H 2013, Pieter Everaers, will present today in Sarajevo the main features of the current situation related to the population and households census.

IMO was established by the European Commission in 2012 at the invitation of the Council of Ministers of B&H in order to ensure that preparations and implementation of the census is in the accordance with the European and International standards.

IMO is consisted of the representatives of EUROSTAT that presides with the Steering Group, of the General Directorate of the European Commission for the European policy of the neighborhood and negotiations on the expansion, Council of Europe, Directorate of the United States for Statistics (UNSD), Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe (UNECE) and the Population fund of the United States (UNFPA), as announced from the EU Delegation in B&H.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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