Director of Company reduced working Hours so Employees can spend more Time with their Family

Director of CPU Infotech Company located in the city of Cazin, dealing with selling computer equipment, decided to cut down on working hours for one hour for employees to spend more time with their family. This is a unique case in the Una-Sana Canton area and maybe even in BiH.

The director of this company, Dzenan Kapic, points out that the salaries for their six employees remain the same, was written by Nezavisne newspapers.

“Nothing will be lost for that one hour, work scheduled will be done, and workers will be more motivated to work because they will spend more time with their family. I think this is a good move that will have a positive impact on our business, and I hope that other employers will follow this example, “Kapic said.

Employee Hana Perviz points out that the salaries are always on time in this company, adding that they were positively surprised by the decision.

“I have a baby who is two years old and now I can dedicate more time to the family,” she says.

Her work colleague, Emina Pasic, shares a similar opinion and adds that she can dedicate more time to home.

“Everyone knows that employed women are doing two jobs at the same time, when they finish their working hours, then they are waiting for another job at home, which sometimes is more difficult. That’s why this hour is so important to us,” Pasic says.


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