Director od BH Gas Jasmin Salkic resigns

Jasmin Salkic informed the public that he was resigning from the position of acting Director of BH-Gas due to, as he stated, the silence of Prime Minister Fadil Novalic and Minister Nermin Dzindic on crime and its support and the demolition of the state company.

“As the manager of a company that I inherited almost failed, I built a company, with my team, a market-worthy company and we started Southern Interconnection and put the state before personal interest. I resign because I do, neither want to be an accomplice in the criminal actions of individuals, nor to implement ideas that are contrary to the laws and principles of the life I live, “he said.

He then vehemently accused Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic and Energy Minister Nermin Djindjic.

“All the previous period in which I was exposed by Fadil Novalic and Nermin Dzindic and the silence of these two on crime and its support, demolition of the state company, secret recordings of directors, monitoring, mounting processes and selling state interests for the personal ambitions of these two is something I I do not agree and in what I do not want to participate “, he said and added:

“The duo that currently steers the Federation of BiH are the gravediggers of BiH’s energy independence, time will tell.”

Salkic says that all the evidence and all the described illegal actions were handed over to the Federal Interior Ministry, and the rest is up to the state and the prosecution, Nezavisne writes.

Photo: Vecernji

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