Director of CEEC: BiH has Tourism Potentials that must be used

touristsOn Thursday evening, at the headquarters of the Central and Eastern Europe Fund of China in Shanghai, was held a meeting of media representatives from the region of Central and Eastern Europe within the program 16 + 1 with the founder of the fund Qin Jing who noted that BiH, together with the other Balkan countries, has tourism potential that must be used.

“We do not think only about money and opening factories, employment and the economy through this fund. This is also an opportunity to change some things, to achieve that doors of European countries are open to Chinese tourists as well,” said Jing.

When asked whether he visited BiH and all potentials that the region of Balkans have, Jing stated that Sarajevo reminded him on Beijing.

“I visited Sarajevo and it felt like in Beijing because of the contamination. During my walk around the city, I saw people selling products such as honey and other natural things in the bottles in markets. We have to find the way for these things to be sold in China, including e-market. During my visit to BiH, I visited museums, listened to the history of the city and the country and I can say that you have a lot of potentials that simply must be used,” said Jing and added that our country has the potential for agriculture as well.

“A lot of time is required for big plans, but it is a process that needs to be accelerated in order to create all necessary conditions for the development of your country. We have the money to invest in your country, in order to create new workplaces and salaries to pay bills, to create a pleasant atmosphere and delete barriers between your country and China, but we cannot do it alone,” concluded Jing.

The Central and Eastern Europe Fund of China is opened for all projects of CEEC 16 + 1 programs that want to invest in the infrastructure and production, and its value is up to 500 million EUR.

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