Direct Monitoring of Eurodig 2013 Platforms from Lisbon Tomorrow in Sarajevo

eu-bih-0301-1The Foundation OneWorldSEE, in cooperation with the Office of the BiH Council of Europe, will organize in Sarajevo tomorrow the monitoring of EuroDig 2013 platforms from Lisbon and with accompanying discussions from participants.

Participants in the program EuroDig networks are civil society representatives, business sector, technical and academic communities, as well as European governments, institutions and organizations such as the EU, European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe and the European Broadcasting Union.

The event will take place on the premises of the Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo.

EuroDig is an open platform for informal and inclusive discussions and the exchange of opinions on public policies related to the management of the Internet.

EuroDig is an open network for all participants ready to contribute to an open and interactive discussion related to issues of Internet governance in Europe.

Details on EuroDig can be found on the website

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