Diocesan Assembly held in Memory of Hieromartyrs of Dabar-Bosnia

Hieromartyrs of Dabar-Bosnia led by Metropolitan Petar (Zimonjic) of Dabar-Bosnia and Bishop Varnava (Nastic) of Hvosno, they are a great spiritual and moral wealth of both the Metropolitanate of Dabar-Bosnia and the entire Serbian Church and the whole Serbian people. Their sufferings and enduring of all kinds of torments by the Croatian-Muslim Ustashas even after the Second World War by ungodly communists amazed the world and the Church of Christ, which counted them to the Council of Saints One, Holy, Conciliar, Apostolic and Ecumenical Church. 

On the Saturday after the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, July 17 2021, the first liturgical and all-diocesan Assembly was held in memory of the Holy Martyrs of Dabar-Bosnia. The assembly was organized with the blessing and decision of Metropolitan Hrizostom in the ancient monastery of Vozucica near Zavidovici.

The Assembly celebrations, the evening service and the Holy Hierarchical Liturgy were officiated by Metropolitan Hrizostom, together with the clergy of several dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

An impressive sermon on the hieromartyrs was delivered by Archimandrite Andrej (Kovacevic), the abbot of the monastery of St. George in Ravna Romania. At the end of the Holy Hierarchical Liturgy and his address to the faithful, Metropolitan Hrizostom wished all those gathered a happy and blessed assembly, calling on the blessing of God and the prayerful intercession of the Hieromartyrs of Dabar-Bosnia.

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