Dino Merlin: This was One of the most successful Years in my Life

The most famous BH singer and one of the biggest regional starts ever, Dino Merlin, said that his idol, Zdravko Colic, performed last night in his beloved Sarajevo.

Last night, Merlin performed at the New Year’s Eve outdoor celebration in Dubrovnik, and he talked about the atmosphere in that city.

“I feel honored, great, and everything is in the feelings. The day in Dubrovnik is such as if everything was drawn. Last night, I sailed into the New Year together with my audience. Everything is alive and dynamic, just like it was last year in Sarajevo. My crew has been here for already 15 days, and we created something different than before. I think that everyone who came to the concert was happy to be here.

“I am very happy that people recognized our ambition to wake up Sarajevo. The story continues, my idol, Zdravko Colic, sang last night in Sarajevo. I knew that it will be fantastic, but I am a little bit jealous since I would love to listen to Zdravko Colic in Sarajevo as well.”

Merlin also stated that the very essence of human existence is meeting and spreading good vibrations.

“Ultimate reason of human existence is that people meet each other, travel around and spread good vibrations. We can free ourselves from the largest problem of human civilization – fear, only in that way. Only when we free ourselves from the fear, we can see the good and positivity,” said Merlin.

(Source: N1)

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