Dino Merlin: It is a Great Honor to receive the Sixth April Award of the City where I was born

Dino Merlin Anthem amus.baThe decision on the Sixth April Award of the city of Sarajevo was adopted at the session of the Sarajevo City Council yesterday, and Bosnian singer and songwriter Dino Merlin is the winner in the category of culture and art.

In the explanation was stated: “The Sixth April Award of Sarajevo” as the highest social recognition for contribution in the field of culture and art will be awarded to Edin Dervishalidovic – Dino Merlin, who made an enormous contribution to the development of culture in the last three decades with his artistic work, and not only as the biggest show business personality in the region, but also as an author and performer who promotes Sarajevo and BiH, their culture and tradition, through his artistic work.

“It is a great honor for me to receive the Sixth April Award of Sarajevo, the city where I was born, where everybody knows me, from houses to bridges. I have learned in my life that we can leave behind even the darkest periods by saying two words: I am sorry and thank you. One of the signs that we are moving forward as a society is that we use these two words more often. I’m very glad that we did not lose the hope that this reality that we live in can become better than nostalgia, but this will only happen if we roll up our sleeves enough. Let’s keep working on it,” said Dino.

“The Sixth April Award of Sarajevo” is awarded on the 6th of April every year to prominent individuals, groups, and collectives for their achievements and outstanding success achieved in the work in all areas of social life. The awards will be presented at a ceremonial session of the City Council on the 6th of April 2017 in the City Hall.

Dino is currently residing in Sweden, where with this weekend‘s concert in the hall Baltiska Hallen in Malmo on Saturday, the 11th of March, started the March tour of Hotel Nacional through this Scandinavian country.

On the following Saturday, the 18th of March, will follow a concert in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. Organizers of concerts said that the concert in Gothenburg was already sold out and that the record visits are expected on the last concert as well, which will be held on Saturday, the 25th of March, when Merlin will perform in the Hall Stadium Arena in Norrkoping, the city that is also known as “Swedish Manchester”.

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