Dino Merlin finished his Swedish Tour with the Concert in Norrköping

Dino (Etleboro)On Saturday night, the 25th of March, Dino thrilled several thousands of visitors on a full Stadium Arena in Norrköping with his band composed of the best BH instrumentalists. He thrilled the audience with his performance and great production accompanied by special effects, which became synonymous for the tour “Hotel Nacional”.

Stadium Arena is one of the largest halls in this part of Sweden, and it is also the state hall of Swedish basketball in the beautiful city of Norrkoping, which is also known as the “Swedish Manchester”.

According to the organizer Kaponi, the Swedish part of the tour “Hotel Nacional” officially ended with this concert, and it was marked by a remarkable interest of the Swedish media, but also record visits in all three of March concerts (Malmö, Gothenburg, and Norrköping).

You can find all information about the tour “Hotel Nacional” and other projects on www.dinomerlin.com.

The documentary film “Sredinom”, which talks about the life of Dino Merlin and was released on YouTube channel of Al Jazeera Balkans five days ago, recorded around 140,000 views so far and it is available at this LINK.

(Source: klix.ba)

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