Digital-Media Project Vidiovo launched in BiH

VidiovoVidiovo is a new media project of Networks that raises crucial questions and explores different stories. They announced their work with the first video in which they thematised traffic jams that occur every Friday in Sarajevo.

How much time you need on Fridays to get to your house and how to solve this problem, are just some of the questions raised.

The presentation of the project states that Vidiovo is a brand new media venture that aims to change not only the understanding of the media and journalism as a catalyst for greater social change but also to completely change the habits of readers, viewers and the public.

Following the footsteps of several other international digital-media projects, Vidiovo is launched in response to some of the most pressing obstacles faced by the Balkan media environment, such as transparency, impartiality, financial independence, speed, credibility, political passions, and verifiability. Probably the most important feature of Vidiovo is that the content will be exclusively in video format and it will be distributed through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, thereby automatically orienting to all kinds of generations, with special attention to young people in BiH, Croatia, Serbia and other countries in the region, as said in the statement.

They added that their first video is only one version of journalism that will be practiced and questions that they will discuss.

“Given that the traffic jam and the lack of appropriate infrastructure is a burning issue in Sarajevo today, we decided to run the first discourse on this issue, with the video that also shows the grandiosity of our capital city,” said from Vidiovo.


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