Diaspora is Involved in the Development of BiH Economy

bh_dijasporaMembers of the Central Committee of the World Diaspora Association (SSD) of BiH will participate during the summer at two business conferences, which will be held in Mostar on 26 July and in Prijedor from 11-12 August.

SSDBiH is the co-organizer of these business forums, and the leadership of the organization calls on all potential business people who live and work abroad, and a willingness to invest in their home country, to participate in these meetings on the possibilities of investing in BiH.

“All interested BiH citizens who work in various global companies and have the opportunity and will to connect their companies with ones in BiH could reserve their spot at the conference’’, said SSD.

The Secretary of SSDBiH Anes Cerić said that these meetings are the continuation of many years of activities of the SSD that are being realized to include BiH diaspora in the economy in establishing business cooperation.

“In 2006 we organized a business forum in Sarajevo, where we gathered our business people from 18 countries as part of the program “Days of Diaspora”. We also organized a roundtable on a similar topic in Jajce in 2010 and in Velika Kladuša in 2011.

“In addition to the conference that we are organizing in our home country, in cooperation with our members we organized similar gatherings outside our country (Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Turkey, Norway). For Fall in Bihać we plan to organize a roundtable on a similar topic and with the same goal’’, he said.

Cerić said that the primary objective of these gatherings is to promote the BiH market and to stimulate, above all, the diaspora, and with the help of the diaspora and foreign investors to invest in BiH, specifically in these cases in the regions of Mostar and Prijedor.

“We wish to increase awareness of the diaspora as a development potential, because currently this is not at the desired level. In BiH, this still is not the case even if the diaspora is mentioned in many international surveys as a potentially very important economic factor.

The target group of the conferences in Mostar and Prijedor are BiH business people who have their businesses in countries where they work or/and work in companies that are potential foreign investors.

(Source: Fena)

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