Diaspora from Germany Collected Material Help for B&H, Truck with Aid Goes Towards Affected Areas

humanitarian actionsB&H Diaspora from Stuttgart collected material help for vulnerable population of flooded areas of our country. The action started yesterday and today the truck will go towards B&H.
The youth operated on collecting help for more than 24 hours. They collected, sorted and packed food, hygiene items, baby supplies, funds that will be delivered to our citizens. Donations are given by our Diaspora, but also from the B&H Consul, who promised to assist with boarder crossing.

B&H youth from Stuttgart will continue with the action during this week as well.

“The response of our people and German people is great. I am so moved and thankful to the generosity of our youth, who cares for people that are suffering. Maybe this is just a little help, but for people that need assistance even a little help can make them optimistic for a better future”, said for Klix Sadia Nurković, a B&H citizen who lives in Germany.

B&H youth sends a message that Stuttgart is with them.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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