Diaspora asks Central Election Commission to postpone Finalization of Election Results

The Congress of Bosniaks of the World sent a letter to the Central Election Commission of BiH (CEC) about the local elections held on November 15.

The letter pointed out that a large number of BH citizens in the world did not receive election material in time, which is why they are asking for the finalization of the election results to be postponed.

“In the last few days, we have received worrying news from many of our fellow citizens across America and Europe, that despite timely registration for local elections in BiH and confirmations from your official website that they are properly registered, their ballots either did not arrive or arrived too late.

”In other words, many BiH citizens in the diaspora have been denied basic civil right – the right to vote in elections in their homeland, “the letter said.

They point out that this is extremely alarming given the importance of the diaspora for BiH.

“We also read in the media that such cases are not uncommon at all, and that many BiH citizens from all over the world have this same problem. Therefore, such open isolation and unnecessary neglect of BiH citizens in the diaspora can have unforeseeable consequences for all our efforts to encourage and improve investment in the homeland, “the letter reads.

Therefore, as the competent body in the control of the election process, they ask the CEC to take all measures to ensure that every duly registered voter from the diaspora has the right to participate in these elections, by providing them with their ballot and postponing the finalization of these elections.

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