Development of Port Orašje Revives Economy and Tourism

ora?jeThe Prime Minister of the Posavina Canton Marijan Oršolić held on Tuesday a meeting with representatives of the Agency for the Sava River Basin of Sarajevo, representatives of the cantonal legislative and executive powers and the municipality of Orašje, in which a study on the impact of the development of the port in Orašje on protective water management facilities were presented.

The location of the future port is close to the center of Orašje, where the construction of a parking lot is planned, there is an access road, and it is tied with the wider project of cleaning the river basin of the Sava, which has already been approved by the World bank and which would enable the tourist development of the Posavina municipality.

The study offers three variants for the construction of the port in Orašje, and the value of the project, depending on the selection of the variants, is around 5 million KM.

“This is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in municipality Orašje that could significantly revive the economic, but also the tourist image of the Posavina area. Its time is coming. This is the construction of a sports harbor and parking lot behind the embankment of the river, which would resolve the burning issue of the problem of the municipality of Orašje. Our commitment was to do a project documentation that is financed by the Agency for the Sava River basin, in order to be prepared for applying to the IPA funds and IPA 2, as well as for grants at the federal level’’, said Oršolić.

“With the Sava River, traffic should be increased, which would open a bigger possibility for the development of this area. The port in Orašje would be meant for a certain number of vessels, and the number would range from 60-88 boat berths for small boats. The project envisions the construction of a parking lot behind the river embankment. It is important for this municipality, the government, Agency has a project with which it could apply for funds’’, said the Director of the Agency for the Sava River Basin of Sarajevo Sead Delić.


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