Which Destinations the Citizens of BiH chose for New Year?

dubaiAccording to the leading tourist agencies in BiH, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina were especially interested in welcoming the New Year in Dubai, the Maldives, Venice, and Tuscany.

This year Bosnians and Herzegovinians expressed less interest for arrangement in the neighboring Croatia, i.e. on the Adriatic Sea.

Tourist Agency Relax Tours stated that their most expensive arrangement for New Year was Dubai and that it was the first arrangement that was sold out.

“We could have taken an entire plane because a lot of people were interested in that destination. The group that left yesterday is already in Dubai,” stated Relax Tours.

Citizens of BiH were also interested in destinations such as Istanbul, Vienna, and Rome.

Tourist Agency Sol Azur stated that the cheapest options like Venice, Vienna and Budapest, whose price ranges from 200 to 500 BAM, were sold out first.

Sol Azur also added that there was a lot of interest in Sicily, as well as in other European destinations like Istanbul, Paris, Vienna, and Budapest.

Ventura Travel Agency stated that the interest of citizens in celebrating New Year outside BiH is the same like last year and that this agency had 16 destinations in their offer. Among exotic destinations they highlight Dubai and the Maldives, and from European destinations there are Paris, Budapest, Vienna, Milano, Rome, Venice, Prague and Tuscany.

This agency sent more than 700 citizens of BIH to destinations across the globe. Young people were especially interested in celebrating New Year in Budva or Belgrade.

A significant number of citizens left to Dubai or the Maldives because of nice temperatures that amount to around 25 degrees. Those are mostly citizens of BiH who took a vacation, taking into consideration the length of the arrangement, to spend a New Year in exotic destinations.


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