Derventa prepared 8.2 Hectares of Land for new Investors

Today, there is about 30 foreign companies that are operating in the territory of Derventa, of which 14 are from Austria, 11 from Italy and 4 from Germany, and they employ more than 1,000 people. Of course, there is also a large number of domestic business subjects.

Austria is still seeking the status of the largest foreign investor in BiH with investments that are amounting to more than 1.25 billion EUR. There are more than 200 Austrian companies that are active in this market, and they employ around 7,000 workers.

“What we especially emphasize to Austrian companies during the consideration of investments and entrance to the BH market is that BiH has numerous advantages, including geostrategic position, closeness to the EU, and favourable price of labour. We also emphasize the satisfaction of already present employers with high quality, professionalism and engagement of local employees,” said Kupfer.

“All these are reasons why not only Austrian, but investors from other European countries choose Derventa for their business environment,” added Kupfer.

From the Municipality of Derventa also confirmed that they have a high level of openness and tolerance with their businessmen and investors, they achieve immediate contact with investors and the speed rate of process of preparation of the required documentation for opening companies is large.

The municipality has around 204 hectares of land in the “Industrial Zone” and the “Service-Communal Center” in its possession, and they currently have 8.2 hectares of prepared land for new investors.

“Our best ambassadors abroad are companies that are already operating in the territory of the municipality. They share their positive experiences with future investors in the best way possible,” said Zenaida Ikanovic.




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