Denial of genocide without a spoken word: Shameful messages from Rogatica

Just over twenty days have passed since Inzko’s law (Amendments to the Criminal Code prohibiting the denial of genocide). And as soon as the politicians from the Republika Srpska reduced the number of reactions on that topic, the public continues to have a systematic denial, but this time without the spoken word genocide.

Since yesterday, billboards with the message “It wasn’t …, we know” have appeared in Rogatica, which clearly alludes to genocide, and this is confirmed by the comments on social media on that post, Klix.ba writes.

Despite the existence of a law banning the denial of genocide, crimes against humanity and the glorification of war criminals, the systemic campaign of denial seems to continue, but this time in a different way. This photo was published on the Facebook group Srcem za Srpsku, and the comments below the published photo are unanimous.

For now, it is not known who is behind the billboards in Rogatica, but the goal is clear, to keep the topic current and to continue the denial, avoiding keywords for which they could possibly be held criminally responsible.

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