Demonstration Exercise on Prevention of the Disturbance of Public Order

The demonstration exercise “Preventing the Disturbance of Public Order and Peace in Larger Scales” was held on Thursday on the Polygon on Igman Mountain, within the framework of the regular implementation of the training plan.

On this occasion, members of the engaged units of the Police Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Canton of Sarajevo showed an enviable level of training and efficiency in solving predetermined crisis situations.  In this case, this was to prevent the disturbance of public order and peace to a greater extent, and as an integral part of the exercise, the situation of the high-risk arrest of two demonstrators barricaded in the facility was presented.

The conducted tactical-demonstration exercise was a confirmation of the enviable readiness, training, equipment and training of all involved units of the KSF Police Administration, solving and the most complex crisis situations in order to protect the public order and peace and to protect the personal and property security of the citizens.

The exercise was attended by the Police Commissioner, Chief of the Military Police Unit, Milorad Basic, who congratulated all participants on the successful realization of the activities envisaged, emphasizing in particular the need for continuous improvement of the knowledge and skills of all police officers of the Police Administration.

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