Delić: Strong and Comprehensive Reform can Increase the Number of Jobs in BiH

November 30, 2014 12:00 PM

unemployementThe Conference “Goals and activities of the Alliance for support to economic and social development ‘Horizon 2024’ and the Economic and social position of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which announced that significant economic reforms are required in order to reduce the number of unemployed in BiH was held two days ago in Sarajevo.

Chairman of the Board of the Alliance for support to economic and social development “Horizon 2024” Senad Tafro said that one of the goals of the conference is to create a common economic space and strengthen the influence of civil society involved in the sector of social and economic development in BiH.

Apropos, 17 NGOs from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina has forged the Alliance for support to economic and social development “Horizon 2024” in order to jointly act with the authorities to implement economic reforms.

As Tafro said, the plan is to work together with the government to create a platform for people from the European Union (EU) so that the investors do not talk only with the authorities but also with citizens and civil society organizations.

He thanked the embassies of the United States, Turkey, Sweden, Norway for their full support.

Director of the Agency for Labour and Employment, Adnan Delić said that a strong and comprehensive reform can increase the number of jobs in BiH.

He said that without a strong economic development of BiH and necessary social reforms which include legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina related to the reduction in labor costs per employee and a number of other legal changes, BiH does not have a bright future ahead.

“A strong reform that will be done on a scientific basis may be in a position to increase jobs and create employment. It is assumed, and some statistics show, that more than 200,000 people work in the “gray economy” in BiH. An expert analysis could reach acceptable labor costs for employers in BiH so that the people in the gray economy can enter legal channels of the labor market,” said Delić.



(Source: ekapija)

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