Delegation of the Republic of Serbia met with Officials from Republika Srpska

( Vlada RS – Anadolu Agency )

The delegation of the Republic of Serbia, led by the President of that country, Aleksandar Vucic, visited Banja Luka yesterday, where they agreed with the authorities there to continue joint projects within the Council for Cooperation between Serbia and the Republika Srpska (RS). At the ceremonial academy, Vucic received the recognition ”the Key of the City”, awarded on the occasion of marking the Liberation Day of Banja Luka. The interlocutors also touched on the agitated political passions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) caused by various initiatives and statements.

Vucic: It does not occur to us to think about wars and conflicts

Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia, said yesterday in Banja Luka that Serbia strives while preserving peace and stability, to develop the economy, create new jobs, and ensure the staying of the population.

”Peace is our future and working together is our future,” the President of Serbia said.

Vucic expressed satisfaction with the visit to Banja Luka, saying that they discussed cooperation between Serbia and RS, as well as cooperation between Serbia and BiH.

”BiH represents the third export destination for Serbia, the total trade partner number seven. I think that the trade exchange in 2021 can be significantly higher than in 2020,” told Vucic.

He stressed that Serbia strives to assist every local community in RS, and announced new investments.

”Certainly, special help is needed in the conditions of a pandemic. We will pay special attention to four municipalities – three in RS/Kostajnica and Kozarska Dubica that were affected by the earthquake, and Nevesinje, and one municipality in the Federation of BiH (FBiH) – Drvar,” told the President of Serbia.

Vucic said that at the session of the Council for Cooperation between RS and Serbia in Banja Luka, they also talked about the airport in Trebinje, which he believes has great potential and that is why he will invest a lot of money for it.

He also pointed out the importance of infrastructural connections, which was discussed yesterday.

Vucic told that they agreed that Serbia should provide significant support to the citizens of RS in the construction of the highway to Bijeljina.

Dodik after the meeting with Vucic: This is the best period of our cooperation

The Serbian member and Chairman of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, said yesterday in Banja Luka that the RS has never had a more significant visit than yesterday’s visit of the Serbian delegation, led by President Aleksandar Vucic.

Dodik added that the cooperation between Srpska and Serbia takes place within the framework of special ties, and thanked Serbia and Vucic for help and support.

”This is the best period of our cooperation, and thanks to President Vucic, Srpska can boast of big projects,” as he said.

Dodik noted that RS wants peace, and that it will not wage any wars and that it has no such plans.

Cvijanovic: RS and Serbia are committed to working on strategic projects

The President of the RS, Zeljka Cvijanovic, stated yesterday that the RS and Serbia are working diligently on the construction of the highway that will connect Banja Luka and Belgrade, the airport in Trebinje, and that the phase of making a large energy project “Buk Bijela” is starting.

After the session of the Council for Cooperation between RS and Serbia, Cvijanovic pointed out that she was satisfied with what has been achieved so far through cooperation between Srpska and Serbia, and expressed gratitude to Serbia for its political understanding, financial, and any other kind of support.

She thanked for the support that Serbia gives to municipalities in the FBiH with a majority Serb population, which are often left to themselves.

Cvijanovic stated that she also informed the guests from Serbia about the conditions in which they function in BiH, BHRT writes.


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