Delegation of Slovenian Ministry of Defense On Visit to BiH Ministry of Defense

zgrada mo bihThe BiH Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić received yesterday a delegation of the Slovenian Ministry of Defense, led by Slovenian Minister of Defense Roman Jakič.

At the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between BiH and Slovenia and the participation of BiH in international missions, as well as issues related to the economic situation in these ministries.

At the end of the meeting, Jakič said that he is very satisfied with cooperation with the BiH Ministry of Defense.

He underlined that Slovenia, as a member of the EU, is exerting maximum effort to help friendly countries to become members of EU and NATO as soon as possible.

Jakič recalled that BiH, Montenegro, Macedonia and Georgia are candidates for full NATO membership, and said that he hopes that at the summit next year this alliance would expand.

He said that Slovenia still does not know whether enlargement will occur at the summit.

Jakič said that Slovenia participated in eight international missions and that it does not differentiate between membership and partnership.

“I think that BiH as a partner of NATO is doing its job well when it comes to involvement in international operations’’, he added.

The BiH Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić expressed satisfaction because Jakič decided to visit BiH at the start of his mandate.

“I wish to emphasize that Slovenia is an important factor in helping BiH on its path towards NATO membership’’, he said.

He recalled that BiH has its obligations on its path, such as the registration of 63 locations of perspective military property.

He placed emphasis on the fact that BiH did a lot of work on the path towards NATO and said that he expects that, with a positive political development of the situation, BiH would accomplish this goal.

The next meeting of representatives of the two ministries will be held in October in Slovenia.

(Source: Fena)

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