Delegation from Catalonia interested in Rebuilding the Bobsled Track on Trebevic Mountain

Representatives of Cantonal Public Enterprise “ZOI’84” Olympic Center Sarajevo, led by director Kenan Magoda, spoked with representatives of the Cantonal Government and the Cantonal Development and Planning Institute, and the delegation of Catalonia for South East Europe led by Eric Hauck on project of rebuilding the Bobsled Track on Trebevic.

As announced from “ZOI’84”, Catalonia’s interest in participation is a confirmation that this is a very important project.

“This is a unique bobsled track in the world, only in Sarajevo the trail is near the city centre with a beautiful view. We are ready to conclude with the Government of Canton Sarajevo all key projects owned by “ZOI’84” and of direct interest to residents of Sarajevo,”  Magoda said.

For Hauck, this is this one emotional visit because in 1992 he was here and lost a friend who was journalist.

He wanted to help rebuild, but as he says, he has just recognized the remarkable staff and quality of the people in the meeting.

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