“Defendo Academy”: The only School in BiH that teaches Ju Jitsu

ju jitsuDefendo Academy was established in 2011 as a result of the enthusiasm of several lovers of the Japanese martial arts.

The activities and objectives of the Academy are studying the Japanese martial arts, self-defense skills and the modern concept of the fight, with the special intention of Combat and Goshin ryu ju jitsu as the concept of self-defense in real situations.

The head coach of Defendo Academy is Muharem Kesko, 5th Day of Combat and Goshin ryu ju jitsu. Kesko is the only master of Combat ju jitsu and Goshin ryu ju jitsu in Bosnia and Herzegovina certified ahead of the Goshin ryu International and the World Alliance of Martial Arts and the direct disciple of Steve Barnett, the greatest authority in the world when it comes to Combat and Goshin ryu ju jitsu.

Defendo Academy is the only school of martial arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina where Goshin ryu and Combat ju jitsu are being taught. Goshin ju jitsu is a more modern and comprehensive style of ju jitsu oriented primarily around self-defense.

Since recently, in addition to Combat and Goshin ryu ju jitsu training, School of fight started with work as well.

Training at Defendo Academy is held on Mondays and Thursdays (Combat and Goshin ryu ju jitsu), while the School of fight is being held on Tuesdays in the evening in the hall of Defendo Academy in Cultural, Sports and Recreational Center in Hadzici.



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