Decrease in Prices for about 80 Medicines in RS starting Today

lijekoviAround 80 medicines of brand names, that are on the “List of medicines” given only on prescription, will be cheaper for approximately 15.7 %, in RS starting from today.

This means that the citizens insured for these medications will be paying less money then before, as announced from the Health Insurance Fund of RS.

In negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, the Fund managed to reduce the prices of medicines, especially those medicines that are on the “List B”, where insured citizens have greater participation, or where payments for medicines is 50 %.

This is the fifth time in the past two years that the Health Insurance Fund of Republic Srpska managed that, as they stated, reduce the prices of medicines that are given on prescription by negotiations with pharmaceutical companies.

For example, medicine of the generic name “esomeprazole” (list B) of 20 mg, which is used for treating Helicobacter pillory, gastric ulcer, and other gastric diseases, starting from today, will be cheaper for 43.4 %.

This means that now, insured persons will pay a participation fee of 4 BAM for this medicine, while earlier, before the adoption of a new price list, their participation amounted to 7,14 BAM.

Also, medication for treating epilepsy which is on the “A list,” with a generic name “levetiracetam” 500 mg, will be cheaper for 16.71 BAM, or 17.3% starting from today.

Apart from already mentioned medicines, among other things, the prices of medicines for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, cardiac insufficiency, chronic allergic rhinitis etc. have been reduced as well.

The Fund managed to reduce prices for around 25 medicines of brand names, which are on the “A list” and for about 55 medicines with brand names that are on the “B list”, in different dosages and forms, by negotiation with pharmaceutical companies, as it has been announced.

To recall, the participation for medicines from “List A” is 10 % for insured persons who are not excluded from this obligation, and for medicines from “List B” is 50 % of the reference price of the medicine.


(Source: fokus.ba)

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