Decrease in Number of Counterfeit Banknotes of Convertible Marks

In the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), in 2020, fewer counterfeit banknotes and coins of convertible mark were recorded compared to 2019. Last year, out of the total number of banknotes arriving to the CBBH for expertise, 410 pieces of counterfeited convertible mark banknotes were registered, which is 9.49% less than in 2019, and 729 pieces of the convertible mark counterfeited coins, which is 36.94% less than a year earlier.

The CBBH is continuously working on informing citizens about the security features of convertible mark banknotes and coins in order to be able of differing an original banknote and coin from counterfeit, and thus of protecting themselves from possible fraud. Therefore, the CBBH regularly warns citizens to, when recognizing counterfeits, pay attention to the fact that in addition to paper, which is specific and can be distinguished from ordinary paper, banknotes contain security features that can be checked without the use of any additional equipment. Thus, for example when the banknote faces the light, a watermark and a security thread can be seen in the paper. The banknotes also have a relief print that can be felt under the fingers (portrait and texts on the face of KM banknotes). There are also optically variable elements that change appearance or colour when changing the angle at which the banknote is viewed.

Counterfeit coins can be distinguished from authentic ones visually, and in terms of dimensions, weight, material, magnetic properties, details in minting, etc.

If it happens that citizens suspect that they have a counterfeit banknote and coin, they can hand it over to the authorities within the Ministries of Internal Affairs. More detailed information on security features are also available on the CBBH website.

Of the total number of convertible mark counterfeits in 2020, the most represented were the denomination of KM 50 (185 pieces), followed by KM 100 (129 pieces), and in the denomination of KM 20 (77 pieces). In terms of the denomination structure of counterfeit coins, the most counterfeited denomination was KM 1 (660 pieces), followed by KM 5 (66 pieces), and the least denomination is KM 2 (3 pieces).

In 2020, 925 counterfeited banknotes of other currencies were registered, of which the most were euro banknotes, 679 pieces.

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