Decrease in Counterfeit Notes and Coins of all Currencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Last year, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) registered a total of 2,190 counterfeit notes and coins of all currencies and denominations, which is 7.91 percent less than in 2018, was confirmed from the institution to Fena news agency.

They point out that counterfeit mark (BAM) counterfeits are in most cases of poor quality, while there are also significantly higher quality counterfeits in the euro and the US dollar (USD).

Out of the total number of counterfeit banknotes and coins of all currencies and denominations, 1,609 counterfeit banknotes and coins of BAM were registered in the CBBH in the past year, of which 453 BAM counterfeit banknotes, which is 14.85 percent less than in 2018 and 1,156 BAM counterfeit coins, which is 24.84 percent less than in the previous year.

In terms of denomination, the most counterfeit BAM banknotes were in the denomination of 50 BAM (213 pieces), followed by 100 BAM (164 pieces), and in the denomination of 20 BAM (57 pieces), while in the counterfeit BAM coins in denominations of one BAM (1,087 pieces), then of five BAM (60 pieces), and at least in denominations of two BAM (nine pieces). In 2019, 539 pieces of counterfeit euro banknotes were also registered, mostly in denominations of 100 euros (225 pieces), followed by 20 euros (144 pieces), and in denominations of 200 euros (96 pieces).



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