Deal with Croatia reached: Import Taxes will be decreased

August 8, 2017 6:15 PM

After yesterday’s ministerial meeting in Sarajevo, at which it was concluded that Croatia must immediately terminate the discriminatory regulations, minister Mirko Sarovic today negotiated with the Croatian Minister for Agriculture Tomislav Tolusic. It was agreed that the taxes would be decreased, but not by how much.

Unofficially, they’ve agreed that the fee be payed per transport, that is truck, regardless of how many types of fruit and vegetables it’s transporting.

There’s still no agreement as to how much the fee will be, since they’re still debating what the European average is, found out.

Consultations about Croatia’s import fees will continue.

In Croatia, the Rulebook for Inspectional Control and Control over the Adherence of Fruits and Vegetables with Market Standards increased fees for inspectional control from 12 Euros to 270 Euros.

Yesterday, the trade ministers of BiH, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia met yesterday in the building of the Parliament of BiH.

Mirko Sarovic, Rasim Ljajic, Dragica Sekulic and Ljupco Nikolovski signed a joint letter for the European Commission and called on Croatia to immediately terminate the discriminatory regulations. They demanded that the price of the inspectional control be in accordance with the actual expenses of the procedure and with the European and regional average.




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