Deaf People Gathered Outside B&H Parliament Today To Demand End to Discrimination

parlament_bihOn occasion of the International Day of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, around 500 deaf and hard of hearing people from B&H gathered this morning in front of the Olympic Hall Zetra and began their walk towards the B&H Parliamentary Assembly in order to protest against the plight of this population, writes Anadolu Agency.

Protesters carried banners that read ‘We are Deaf, Do You Not Hear Us?’’ They demand for discrimination against deaf people to end.

President of the Assembly of the Union of the Deaf in B&H Veselin Jobst said that they gathered in order to fight for legislation that would give them more rights and make their lives easier.

He said that a big problem is the lack of interpreters. They would like to have seminars, trainings, and have interpreters certified. The problem is bigger in other areas of B&H where there are no interpreters, such as in Tuzla.

The Assistant Minister for Human Rights in B&H Saliha Đuderija said that they would receive the delegation that would convey to them the problems of deaf and hard of hearing people in B&H.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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