Dead Pig found in front of Mosque in Bratunac

A dead domestic pig was found in front of the City Mosque in Bratunac at around 12:30 on Thursday. Immediately after learning about this, this incident was reported to the Police Station in Bratunac.

Chief Imam of the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Bratunac Elvir Hodzic points out that this cannot be a coincidence because it is a domestic animal that is not bred in the center of Bratunac, or near the mosque, and the animal had to be deliberately brought and left in that place.

“The incident happened on the first day of the New Hijri year 1442, which additionally upset us and our congregation members. Now we are sure that the garbage we find almost every morning in the harem of the mosque was not left there by accident or by mistake,” said Hodzic, adding that the Interreligious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mufti of Tuzla were informed about this incident.

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