Days of Miroslav Krleža in Sarajevo

Sarajevo 39The days of Miroslav Krleža will open on 25 August with the program “Pod Maskom” with a performance by Kostadinka Velkovska from Zagreb, said the initiator of this manifestation Gradimir Gojer to Fena.

Also on the first day of the manifestation, which will last 10 days, the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica will perform “Put u Raj” at the National Theatre in Sarajevo.

There will be an exhibition of his portraits done by the Museum of the city of Zagreb.

Part of the days of Miroslav Krleža will take place in Tuzla, while ‘the second part is still under negotiation as to whether it will also take place in Mostar’.

This year will mark the 120 years since the birth of Miroslav Krleža, who, according to Gojer, had very close ties with Sarajevo and BIH.

It is known that Krleža was a commissioner for the exhibition “Art in Yugoslavia” that was held in Paris, where the central object of the exhibition was the Bosnian stecci.

He said: “Bosnians and Herzegovinians have monuments called stecci or Bosnian marbles. On the stecci, a Bosnian never kneels. He stands erect and always has an open fist”.

Gojer said that he thinks there is no better affirmation of Bosnian people.

Given all that Krleža has done for BIH while he was alive, in the next period the exhibition of his works will continue, and which is the only one after the Second World War that was in full issued by the newspaper Oslobođenje.

(Source: Fena)

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