Days of Culture Beings Tomorrow in Vienna

Kultura BecThe manifestation ‘Days of Culture of B&H in Vienna’, which is organized by the B&H Embassy in Vienna from 2 October to 17 November, will be opened tomorrow by the Ambassador of B&H to Austria Tanja Milašinović Martinović.

In addition to exhibitions of photographs by Jakov Bararon and Suad Bijedić, which will be organized after the opening, and there will be works presented in B&H contemporary culture, literature, music and film, and traditional dances and songs from B&H, as well as traditional B&H cuisine.

According to the program, on 10 October Nataša Mirković will hold a concert of ethno-music and Matthias Loibner entitled ‘Ajvar and Sterz’, and on 24 October there will be an exhibition opening of photographs by B&H academic and painter Franjo Likar.

For lovers of classical music, on 24 October Maja Mijatović will hold a concert for the harpsichord called ‘’harPSIchord’’-Kostbarkeiten für Cembalo solo’’.

There will also be a book presentation by Adisa Bašić, a Sarajevo writer and journalist and winner of the grand prize for literature for Eastern and Southeastern Europe for 2012.

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