Day of Republika Srpska Entity to be marked Today

January 9, 2020 9:00 AM


Day of Republika Srpska entity, called Republic Day in that entity, will be celebrated in all municipalities and cities of Republika Srpska on January 9th.

The municipal administration states that in the coming days events are planned called “Pale – the birthplace of Srpska”, which will mark this date in this municipality.

The celebration of Republic Day will continue today in Prijedor with a solemn academy organized by the City Administration.

Wreaths will be laid all over Srpska on the monuments to the soldiers killed in the Defense-Fatherland War.

Earlier, High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko stated: “For the international community, there is only Dayton BiH and the RS, which received its legitimacy on the 21st of November 1995 in Dayton. If we start celebrating ‘holidays’ such as the 9th of January, then some might want to celebrate, let’s say, the 10th of April, the day when the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) was established. I think that everyone should look to the future, not the past,” said Inzko.

According to him, if they determine that during yesterday’s celebrations in the RS some violation of the Constitution and laws of BiH took place, on the move will be the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

When asked to comment on the order of Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Mladen Ivanic on the involvement of the Armed Forces of BiH yesterday in Banja Luka, Inzko said:

“I am in charge of civilian aspects of the Dayton Agreement, and NATO is in charge for the military aspects and I’m sure that they will investigate this case.


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