Day of Mourning in Canton in Bosnia after Three Young Men died

Tomorrow in Una-Sana Canton is the Day of Mourning for the death of three young men from Cazin, who died in a car accident.

Funeral services for the victims will be held tomorrow.

The USC Government reminds that the Day of Mourning is marked by the obligatory display of the BiH flag at half-mast on all buildings in which the bodies of the cantonal government and local self-government units are located.

Also, entertainment events cannot be held on the Day of Mourning, and radio and television broadcasters are obliged to broadcast programs that correspond to that day.

To recall, the accident happened on January 26, when the car of “Fiat Punto” brand, in which there were three young men, made the accident.

Two died immediately, while the third was transported to the hospital, after which he died because of injuries.

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