Dalila Fejzagić: Young Architect launched her own Business

April 25, 2016 9:15 AM

12596018_1163158493735105_477854264_nYoung architects Dalila Fejzagić launched her own business early this year. She founded the company “Zidovi” which deals with provision of architectural services in the domain of design, interior design, and other accompanying services such as engineering, consulting, project management, and design of 3D models and animations for local and international clients.

Fejzagić said that deciding to make one such step is like jumping from a plane – once you decide, there is no going back.

Fejzagić has been working in practice for years, in small project bureaus in Sarajevo, design houses which deal with low building, as well as on several projects for abroad.

In that time, Fejzagić developed a network of contacts and thus facilitated her own beginning of private business.

Fejzagić graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, and she is only one exam away from the title of a Master of Studies in Architecture.

“With my actions, I would like to stimulate young people to launch their own business. In this way, we can keep young people here so that they can make something in this country,” Fejzagić said.

Regarding the company, the biggest accent is on fitted wall surfaces, i.e. on interior and exterior for walls and floors.

Their slogan is “Your design, our solution”, because Fejzagić points out that clients know best what they need the most. She says that very frequently the clients come to them with finished photographs they found on internet or in newspaper.

“In that case, we offer a solution, in which way they could get what they imagined. In other words, we tell them which materials should be used, how it is mounted, what the type of construction is. We suggest certain painting, wood décor, wallpapers and the like,” Fejzagić said.

The buyers, Fejzagić says, often want to have something unique on their walls and floors, and they are there to offer design solutions. There are various possibilities that can be combined. Thus, wall surfaces can be made of natural and artificial fibers (aluminum, stainless steel, glass wall surfaces), all depending on the buyer’s wishes. Implementation of business can also be done through them or their partners.

(Source: akta.ba)


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