Czech Company “Lucky Service” to open a Pastry Shop in Sarajevo?

The owner of the catering company “Lucky Service” Radel Luka in the beginning of August will open in Sarajevo the first Czech pastry shop and will make and sell traditional Czech pastries – tdelniks.

Trdelnik is a sweet in the shape of a chimney and is sold by street vendors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The dough is rolled on a roller and is baked like that. When it’s done, sugar, cinnamon, and ground walnuts are poured on it.

It can also be spread over with spreads like Nutella or jam.

Luka confirmed for the magazine Prague Morning that he’s planning to expand in the Western Balkans countries, as well as Singapore and China.

“At the beginning of August, we’ll be opening a pastry shop in Sarajevo. The store will also function as the main store from where those interested can conduct franchising work at other Western Balkans countries’ markets. We want to get to know the customers’ mentality in other parts of Europe and potentially expand our business into Slovenia and Croatia,” Luka explained.

Luka already owns stores in Austria and Germany, which are successfully operating.


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