Cyclists and Athletes Began the Marathon from Bihać to Srebrenica

SrebrenicaOrganized by the Club of Extreme Sports “Limit” from Bihać, today over 200 cyclists from BiH and eight more countries in Europe started on a cycling marathon from Bihać to Srebrenica as part of the marking of the 18th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica.

The length of the route is around 500 kilometers, and on Thursday, 11 July they will attend the central event on the occasion of the marking of the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica. In this way, they will pay tribute to the victims.

This is the ninth cycling marathon to Srebrenica, and around 20 marathon runners and athletes from Bihać started on the same path.

This is their intention to contribute in the marking of the terrible crime of genocide that was committed in Srebrenica. They left from the city square, where a large number of citizens waved them off, as well as representatives of public and political life in municipality Bihać. The Mayor Emdžad Galijašević conveyed some words of support. He said that this is right way to demonstrate that the genocide in Srebrenica should not be forgotten.

He thanked all the participants, especially those who came from other countries to support this marathon. Hikers from Bihać started on the same path on Sunday morning, under the organization of the Mountaineering Association “Horizont”. They will take part in the Peace March to Srebrenica, which starts from Nezuk near Sapna.

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