Current deputy art director of Opera is Danijel Žontar

After the renunciation of the art director of Opera of the National Theater Sarajevo Amila Bakšić, Danijel Žontar will be the deputy art director of Opera until the official election of the art director.

” As I am familiar with the situation, our art director renounced her position for personal reasons.”- said Žontar.

The first project of the Opera  under his leadership will be  the adaptation of the operetta ” The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehar. This opera was performed last time in 2000 in the direction of Krunoslav Cigoj.

” Ognjen Bomoštar was the conductor for that performance. For this premiere Dario Vučić will be the conductor. The signers will be our young and talented members of the ensemble. We have also invited a couple of guests to help us with this performance”- said Žontar.

The singers are currently exercising individually but their rehearsals will begin on the 3rd January 2013.

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