Crowds at Border Crossings expected from Friday Afternoon?

borderWith the arrival of May 1, the International Labor Day, increased frequency of vehicles is expected on all roads and border crossings in BiH and our neighboring countries. Automotive clubs from BiH and Croatia advise drivers to use bigger border crossings in order to relieve the traffic.

From BH Automotive Club (BIHAMK) stated that the biggest crowds are expected on Friday afternoon in the south of our country at the border crossing Doljani, Bijaca, Crveni Grm and Gabela.

“We want to remind all drivers that the border crossing Gabela is operational again. Crowds are expected, but their intensity will depend on the weather. We advise drivers to call us anytime and get information about the state of the roads and border crossings,” as stated from BIHAMK.

Retention time at border crossings in BiH these days is up to 30 minutes.

Works on the border crossings Bosanski Brod and Orasje are still taking place, which is the reason for slowed down traffic on these border crossings. Irena Cacic from the Croatian Automotive Club (HAK) reveals that a surveillance camera will be installed on BC Bosanski Brod soon.

“The current situation is good at the majority of border crossings in Croatia. Increased frequency of vehicles is present on BC Bregana, and retention time on all other border crossings is up to 30 minutes”, said Cacic.

Considering that holidays in Slovenia are starting on April 27, and last until Tuesday, May 2, increased traffic at the borders between Slovenia and Croatia is expected. Cacic urges drivers to use bigger border crossings.

“We expect large crowds at the borders between Croatia and BiH from Friday afternoon, and the maximum frequency of the vehicles will be towards the Adriatic destinations. We are often informed the police that the BC Bijaca is empty, while retention time at Doljani is up to 4 hours. We urge drivers to use bigger border crossings,” added Cacic.

Due to the works in Montenegro, it is not recommended to use the border crossing Klobuk.

(Source: Dz. C./Klix.ba)

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