Croatia is in the Interest that BiH Progress towards EU

ivo JosipovicCroatian President Ivo Josipović said that Croatia will not engage in determining how the people and citizens of  another country regulate their mutual relations.

“Our national interest is that our neighboring countries, including BiH, to be stable and prosperous“, stated Josipović for Oslobođenje”.

Stability and success of BiH, said Josipović, is possible if they find a formula that would have the satisfaction of all ideas of ​​the equality of nations and citizens.

He noted that in the Constitution, BiH is now defined as a country of two entities, three constituent people and citizens who live in it.

Whether the constitution is going to be changed, how is going to be changed and in what way BiH will solve its federal constitution – it is not a matter of Croatian President”,  stated Josipović.

He said that the organization of BiH is a question for elected politicians in BiH, and he added that the decision to change can be taken only by consensus.

Josipović said that Croatia‘s interest is that BiH catch up with its neighbors and to make progress towards the EU.

“I am convinced that this is possible with persistence and willingness to compromise in addressing key internal issues“, concluded Josipović.


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