Croatia introducing Strict Regime of Crossing the Borders with BiH

Border Crossings retentions mojportal.baMinister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia Vlaho Orepic during his first visit to BiH announced stricter measures on the border with BiH, which will be the result of approaching Schengen regime, whose member Croatia wants to be.

He described the refugee crisis as a common temptation, and in particular human trafficking and noted that Croatia has a big task of securing the border in accordance with European standards.

Orepic explained that it will possibly cause difficulties in crossing the border with BiH if the European Union does not take into account exceptions that Croatia wants, and in this case will do everything possible in order for transport of goods and passengers to suffer less.

However, Minister Orepic at the meeting with representatives of the government announced stricter control of border crossing, which will start from this summer period, and the goal of Croatia is to protect tourist season from the possible endangerment.

This means, with the obligatory legitimation and recording of all persons who are crossing the border, and stricter controls of vehicles.

In previous years, only a little longer controls of the customs service and border police on both sides created kilometers of traffic jams at border crossings, and the most vulnerable were citizens of those municipalities and settlements which are located along the border and whose daily life depends on good communication, wrote Vecernji.com.

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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