Croatia and Covic differently look at Federalization of BiH?

covicPolitical analyst from Croatia, Davor Gjenero, for “Zasto” says that the term of federalization of BiH means different things for Croatian political leaders in BiH and Croatian authorities and that there will be no imposing solutions from the outside.

The European Union will not dictate constitutional solution of BiH. It has to be agreed between the representatives of the three peoples in BiH.

The loudest advocates of the concept of federalization are on one side the political elite of the Croats in BiH and on the other side the Republic of Croatia. Content that advocates imply under the term of federalization, however, is very different.

The concept of federalization for the political elite led by Dragan Covic primarily means a third entity, the creation of political space under Croatian control in BiH (where the third entity was instituting only in the FBiH, not “other entity”) and holders of public authorities in Croatia understand federalization in a way very similar to what Cardinal Puljic advocates in BiH under this concept.

Namely, BiH can only function as a consociation community of three nations, and it must be recognized as a higher value than the sum of the three national and political identities. We must establish a consensus on the fact that this “added value” is important for all three nations and that is worth preserving.

On the basis of that consensus should be established a highly decentralized state (that is federalized, because federalism is not a model of solving the national question, as it is interpreted in the Stalinist theory, but a model of vertical separation of power).

We should establish such an electoral system that will allow every political entity, each of the three nations, to independently choose its elite, and elected elite must be capable of reaching a political consensus.

The system must be such to enable freedom of choice in a model in which “everyone chooses their own”, but to prevent the creation of an oligarchy and a permanent monopoly on power, even in case that some of them show to be completely unable to compromise with the other three nations.

Without establishing this model that would ensure the realization of these values, BiH simply cannot function as a self-sustaining, effective state.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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