Crnadak: Dodik will violate the Conclusions of the National Assembly Today

Former BiH Foreign Minister and PDP Vice President Igor Crnadak said that by participating in a meeting with Erdogan today, Milorad Dodik would violate the conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly.

Crnadak said that the conclusions of the NARS are very precise and clearly say that representatives from the RS will participate in the work of state institutions only when they need to prevent a decision harmful to the RS, and that, as he points out, is not the case here.

“Dodik will violate the common position of Serbian parties in the National Assembly today, and after today’s departure to the BiH Presidency, SNSD will be the party that gave up the conclusions of the party leaders from the July 26 meeting, as well as the conclusions of the National Assembly,” Crnadak said.

He added that Dodik did not do so with any consent of the opposition, but only announced his final decision.

“Certainly, he has the right to that, just as he has the obligation to bear responsibility for his decisions, without hiding behind the opposition,” Crnadak said, Klix.ba writes.

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